The Film

Red Reign is a gripping film that charts the life of David Matas, a Nobel Peace Prize nominated Canadian civil rights lawyer and his uncovering of what many consider to be the crime of the century: the brutal organ harvesting program in China aimed at the Falun Gong spiritual practice.

Over the years, David has become a tireless champion of uncountable voiceless victims:

“If we can give any meaning at all to the meaningless slaughter of so many millions of innocents, we must learn the lessons of the Holocaust. To say “Never again” is easy.  To make it happen is not so easy.  The reality is that since World War II, genocide has happened again and again, not to Jews, but to Cambodians, to Hutus, to Tutsis, to Bosnians, to Somalis and now to practitioners of Falun Gong.”

– David Matas speaking at the International Society for Human Rights, Bern, Switzerland, January 16, 2010.