The Man

For several years, David Matas traveled the globe, collected testimonies and data, gathered and analyzed the proof of this crime against humanity. Interviews, conducted with former prisoners from Mainland China, gleaned details and corroborated testimony ultimately led him to the fact that the horrific allegations are undeniably true.  Following the publication of ‘Bloody Harvest”, David received a 2009 Nobel Peace Prize nomination for exposing the Chinese government’s organ harvesting of imprisoned live Falun Gong practitioners.

David, a small framed balding man in his late 60’s, most comfortable in his tan trench coat, often finds himself sitting in an airport, bent over his laptop, working diligently, waiting for his boarding call, tirelessly traversing the globe lecturing and advocating for the freedom and dignity those who cannot – wishing for fewer accolades and more change.

David, an Oxford graduate from Winnipeg Canada, is a Jewish human rights lawyer who’s involved in refugee work, brings Nazi war criminals to justice, advocates the banning of hate speech and  promotes the work of international human rights nongovernmental organizations, David cleary has many skills to contribute to this case.

He is a man of dry wit and an acute sensibility for movies and art, who has taken on the powerful, unbending Chinese Communist Party, without fear or compromise.  How does a man who doesn’t even own a cell phone take on the Chinese government?!  And Why?

Reminded and compelled by the events of the Holocaust, David stated:

“I’ve engaged in human rights work to act on this lesson, to join the human rights struggle on this front.  In fighting on this front, I have had to combat an enemy that prowls throughout the human rights battlefield, a horseman of our very own human made apocalypse, the horseman of helplessness”.