The Cause

Who are Falun Dafa? And how did they go from the most popular mind-body cultivation practice in China’s history to becoming the “class enemy”?

Falun Gong Falun Dafa, an ancient history and includes elements of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism,  teaches methods of meditation through exercises intended to improve physical and spiritual health and fitness.

In 1990’s, the number of practitioners grew quickly through word of mouth. By 1998, 70 million people had taken up the practice in China alone. Falun Dafa has no political platform; its followers seek to promote truth, tolerance and forbearance across racial, national and cultural boundaries.  Violence is anathema. Today, Falun Dafa is practiced and cherished by over 100 million people in over 100 countries, and has received a plethora of honors

Falun Gong, a peaceful spiritual practice, has been demonized in China, very much in the same way as the Jews were objects of rigorous and vicious, and systematic propaganda in WWII. The principals that Falun Gong practitioners adhere to are truthfulness, compassion and tolerance. They have been known to offer compassion towards their abusers even at the merciless hands of their abuse.