The Facts

In 2006, a woman, using the pseudonym Annie, publicly announced that her surgeon husband had confessed to personally removing the corneas from approximately 2,000 anaesthetized Falun Gong prisoners in Sujiatun hospital in Shenyang City in northeast China over a three year period. Tormented by guilt, he refused to continue. The surgeon made it clear to his wife that none of the cornea “donors” survived the experience because other surgeons removed other vital organs and all of their bodies were then burned.

Organ transplant surgery in China is now a booming business. Before 1999, there were only 22 liver transplant centers operating across China .  As of April, 2006 there are 500. The number of kidney transplantation institutions increased from 106 in 2001, to 368 in 2005.

Profits for transplants are suggested in the following price list before it was removed from a site in April, 2006  (all figures in USD):

  • Cornea $30,000
  • Kidney $62,000
  • Liver $98,000-130,000
  • Liver-kidney $160,000-180,000
  • Kidney-pancreas $150,000
  • Lung $150,000-170,000
  • Heart $130,000-160,000